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Jasu Waterproof Lure Boxes

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Product description

In a waterproof lure box, you can transport and store your jigs and other lures dry and in good order. You can adjust the compartments of the box to a suitable size with plastic partitions. The partitions are tight all the way up, so the lures can't jump to the other compartment. The box has really easy-to-attach, long closures that prevent the lid from twisting and keep the box tight on every side. The box's lid is transparent, so you don't have to open the box if you want to know whats inside.

Jasu Waterproof Lure Boxes Options

Jasu Waterproof Lure Box #L
845768 - Jasu Waterproof Lure Box #L

12,90 €

Yli 50
Jasu Waterproof Lure Box #M
845769 - Jasu Waterproof Lure Box #M

9,90 €

Yli 50

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