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How it all begun...

Jaakko and Olli Ojamo were passionate fishermen already as kids. Back then they started to tie tube flies and as they grew up they invented Spintube spin flies which were even awarded abroad. At 2007 Jaakko and Olli founded a company around fishing equipment Eumer Finland Oy. 

Guys wanted to invent new things and become better in their chosen field. So creating new, testing and improving became their passion.  Spintube spin flies have retained their popularity to these days and they have been surrounded by numerous new different fishing gears.

Brothers grew up and got children of their own. Not so surprisingly, their children also like fishing and being outdoors. In addition to their own children all fishing youngs are very close to Jaakko's and Olli's hearts. These fishing heroes have been surprised from different parts of Finland and that's what they will continue to do also in the future. Our most important task is to inspire younh people to fish and enjoy of outdoor life.