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Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trouts are rarely very large, so the gears doesn't have to be as aggressive as, for example, when fishing for its relative salmon. Rainbow trout are most active in slightly cooler waters, and catching them in warm water is a bit more challenging.

Rainbow trout can be fished in many ways and all year round. When cast fishing use light sets and fairly small lures, such as spinners, spoons, jigs and leeches. Even in fly fishing, the equipment must be light and the flies quite small. When it comes to colors, rainbow trout are not very demanding. With the weights, you can adjust the fly's swimming depth, which can often be necessary.

When ice fishing for rainbow trout, you should remember to drill a big enough hole. Otherwise, the gears must be quite light. Line recommendation 0.20-0.25 mm monofilament line and a ice fishing jig is ideal as a lure.

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Eumer Fishing
  • For trout and rainbow trout
  • Especially effective for river fishing

25 Option

Eumer Fishing
  • For zander, trout and large perch
  • Rod 210cm
  • Lure weight: 15-30g
  • 0.18mm spooled braided line

Eumer Fishing
  • For all fish and all waters
  • Rod 180cm
  • Lure weight: 3-15g
  • 0.14mm spooled braided line

Eumer Fishing
  • Zander, giant perch, trout
  • Lure weight 10-30 g
  • Braided line 0,18 mm

Eumer Fishing
  • Ready-to-fish set for river fishing
  • For perch, trout and grayling

Eumer Fishing
  • For perch, zander, trout and rainbow trout
  • Looks like a real small fish

21 Option

Eumer Fishing
  • Zander, perch, trout
  • Lure weight 15 - 30 g
  • Rod 210 cm, braided line 0,18 mm

Eumer Fishing
  • General fishing, zander jigging
  • Lure weight 15 - 30 g
  • Rod 210 cm, braided line 0,18 mm

Eumer Fishing
  • Ready-to-fish set for experienced perch anglers
  • Also suitable for beginners

Eumer Fishing
  • Ready-to-fish kit for perch, trout and grayling fishing

Eumer Fishing
  • Leech, Arctic. Minnow and Flash spin flies, 2 pcs of each

Eumer Fishing
  • For perch and rainbow trout
  • Rod, reel and 0.14mm braided line

2 Option

Eumer Fishing
  • All 3 sizes of Salama
  • The best colours

Eumer Fishing
  • Erä Magazine - tested Winner!
  • For trout, rainbow trout and perch
  • Scandi 85 WF -casting line

Eumer Fishing
  • Rubber net
  • Net Size: L 38 x W 33 x D 30cm
  • Handle Length: 18cm

Eumer Fishing
  • For Trout and Rainbow Trout
  • WF - fly line