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Trout fishing has many rules and restrictions in Finland. Always remember to make sure you are aware of the rules for your fishing location! Sea trout with adipose fin are protected in Finland and must always be released with great care. Trout and salmon are very similar, but there are also distinguishing factors. The salmon is slimmer, and usually completely lacks dots below the lateral line and only has a few on the gill covers. The salmon is slimmer in the transition to the tailfin and the tailfin itself is wide and V-shaped. The sea trout often has spots below the side line and on the operculum. It has a more comact body shape and a wider transition to the tailfin. The tailfin of the sea trout is often straight in the back. 

A spoon is most often used in trout fishing, but other baits can also be used. Our guides recommend the following products for trout fishing.

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