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Health Promotion 2023

Why don't you gather your staff and spend some valuable and refreshing time together at Merikarvia. On summer you can go fishing at the sea or river and ice fishing on the frozen sea or lakes during winter. We can offer also something for those who don't like fishing. Maybe you want to try relaxing survival suit floating at the sea. This activity is possible to arrange year around. In addition to all great activities we can make you tasteful meals. After the long active day it will be lovely to relax in hot tub and enjoy the heat of the sauna. We offer experiences for groups from 5 to 100 members.

Below you can find a ready made offer but you can also ask offer for your own kind of package.

Workplace Health Promotion with Activity

Offer for events on 2023

Nice activities, tasty meals and relaxing sauna at River Panorama or Sea Panoramas

Place: River Panorama - Eumer
Fishing Center (Kalkuttaantie 10, Merikarvia) or Eumer Sea Panorama
(Raunelankuja 18 A-C, Merikarvia)

Persons: 5–100

Preliminary Programme:

  •  Arrival between 9 and 12 am at Eumer where welcome coffee and sandwiches are served
  • Options for activity: survival suit floating at the sea, Water Olympics with survival suits, fishing with guide on the river, Paintball war, Yard Olympics – Event duration approx. 2–3 hours
  • Meal -
    Merikarvia-style Meat/Fish Buffet
  • Free evening, sauna & hot tub
  • Departure by midnight (accommodation is possible with extra cost)



    • for 5 persons the price is 1145 € (229 €/person, vat 0 %)        + 99 € / extra person up to 10 persons
      • for 11 persons the price is 1859 € (169 €/person, vat 0 %)        + 99 € / extra person up to 20 persons
      • for 21 persons the price is 2709 € (129 €/person, vat 0 %)        + 99 € / extra person up to 30 persons
        • for 31 persons the price is 3379 € (109 €/person, vat 0 %)   + 89 € / extra person up to 50 persons


        Includes: rent of premises (towels and  cleaning fee), sauna & hot tub(s), meals and beverages (does not include alcoholic beverages but you can take yous own with you), activity with guidance and equipments

         Shuttle service: two-way shuttle service is possible with extra cost

         Equipments: Weather-appropriate clothing (at least take some warm clothes with you)

        Accommodation possible with extra cost 50 € / person. Includes covers and self-service breakfast (vat 0 %).

        Offer valid in 2023.We charge a 30% cancellation fee for canceling an accepted offer. If the cancellation is made less than 14 days before the event, we charge 100% of the value of the event. VAT 24% is added to the prices.

        More infomation:  Jaakko Ojamo  0400 252 969 / matkailu@eumer.fi

        EUMER Finland Oy

        Welcome to enjoy and spend memorable time!