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Spintube Pike & Disco Kit

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  • 2 pcs Spintube Discos
  • 3 pcs Spintube Pikes
  • Handy lure box

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Product description

You can easily purchase various Spintube flies for pike fishing by byuing this kit. This kit includes 3 pcs Spintube Pikes and 2 pcs Spintube Discos of different size and colour. Spintube Disco can really make pikes to dance to your tune. Flickering material makes the head of even the shyest fish to spin. Even though this spin fly is 25 cm length you can cast it with general spinning combo. Spintube Pike is one of the most effective of our pike lures throughout the open water season on lake, river and sea. They are made of natural hair which make them very lively spin spin flies. Both models  comes with a steel leader that protects the line from the pike’s sharp teeth.  It’s easy to use them even in heavy vegetation due the large single hook. Slow Sink is used while water is cool. Reel slowly and keep brief pauses. Fast Sink is commonly used in deep areas. When temperature rises you can use it in shallow water, reel very fast and keep pauses.

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