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Spintube Lure Boxes

3,50 €

Inc. Vat. 24%
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Product description

Spintube is an air-perforated lure box designed for casting flies and other lures. Air can circulate freely inside the box and thus your lures dry after use and stay in good condition for a long time. Thanks to the transparent material, you can immediately see what the box contains, and you don't need to open the box unnecessarily when looking for a certain lure. Very convenient, right?!

Spintube Lure Boxes Options

Spintube Lure Box 3 piece
845761 - Spintube Lure Box 3 piece

3,50 €

Yli 50
Spintube Lure Box 8 piece
845760 - Spintube Lure Box 8 piece

3,50 €

Yli 20

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