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Jasu Louhi Ice Fishing Jig Kit 4cm

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  • For perch, zander, rainbow trout, grayling and whitefish

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Product description

Now it's possible to purchase these Jasu Louhi Ice Fishing Jigs as a kit. Kit includes 5 pcs Louhi Ice Fishing Jigs and a handy box. Louhi Ice Fishing Jig is very effective on ice fishing for every fish that eats small baitfish. They include jig head, jig that imitates a fleeing small baitfish and colour hook. Soft material and tail with very strong swimming action makes jigs body vibrate attractively even when it's swimming very slowly. By jerking the ice fish rod the jig will swim like a fleeing baitfish. Sometimes you should only vibrate the rod slightly or keep jig still. You should vary the fishing depth and technique for best results. Especially effective for perch, zander, rainbow trout, grayling and whitefish.