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Jasu Järeä Suvas Ice Fishing Combo

9,90 €

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Yli 50

  • For zander, rainbow trout and large perch
  • 0.25mm monofilament line already spooled
  • Quick Snap
  • Jasu Suvas jig

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Product description

Järeä means sturdy so this combo makes it possible to ice fish for even those little bit heavier fish. Perfect for zander, rainbow trout and giant perch. We wanted to make it easier for you to buy ice fishing equipment so we made these combos that include everything you need for ice fishing after you have made a fishing hole in the ice.
And because so many people have been asking what kind of knot should they use and how to tie the correct one, we made them already for you. The reel is lockable and is released by pressing the lever. The reel also has a ratchet that will make sound when a bigger fish starts to take the line. With this combo you can really start fishing as soon as you have drilled that fishing hole because we have already attached a very tasty 6cm  Jasu Suvas Jig on Quick Snap.