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Humminbird Ice Helix 5 sonar

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  • Great fishing accessory!

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Product description

Here is the perfect sonar package for the angler! Eumer's fishing guides recommend this package with several years of experience! The ready-to-use ice sonar package contains the following accessories:
 -Humminbird Ice Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 sonar, ERÃ magazine test winner 2020. 
-Ice sensor 
-Ice sensor float 
-Handy transport bag 

The sonar is easy to use. The settings of the sonar are already adjusted and you only need to adjust the accuracy with the + and - buttons if you wish. Fishing with a sonar is especially popular for zander and perch fishing. The sonar's accurate display tells you the depth of the fishing spot, shows the swimming depth of the fish, and you can see on the screen at which depth your minnow swims. Your job is to stay alert and ready to counter strike as the thicker line of fish under the lure rises towards your lure. The sonar does not bring the catch to the ice, but it makes it easier to follow the location of the fish and their behavior near the ice. With the sonar, you can be sure that the fish are there, and you don't have to sit in an empty hole for a long time. 

Äre-magazine tested (3/2020) PILKIJ?'S SONARS The test winner was the Humminbird HELIX ICE 5. The Humminbird Helix Ice is accurate. 

For the angler who appreciates low interference noise. Five stars We thank you for: 
+ screen clarity 
+ screen accuracy 
+ versatile map possibilities 
+ location of the transducer In the winter on the ice and in the summer on the boat. Only Humminbird offers the uniquely detailed AutoChart LIVE map program. With it, you can make your own map materials of any water area you want. Of course, the same map works in summer on a boat and in winter on ice. This way you can find fishing spots more easily all year round. Sensors suitable for boat use are also available as accessories for the sonar (e.g. a sensor with a suction cup for mobile use).

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