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Classic Teho DH s/head kit # 7/8 30g

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The 7/8-class shooting head is perfect for light 7-8 class two-handed rods for trout and salmon anglers, as well as 7-8 class switch rods. In addition to the floating shooting head, the package contains two shooting heads with different sinking speeds!! This time, the fishing line equipment will be in order for light two-handed sets!! You may not need a new fly rod, just changing the fly line will do wonders! TEHO shooting head is an easy-to-cast fly line designed for two-handed rods in Finland. The fly line is made in England. With the POWER shooting tip, you cast the fly lightly further. The shooting head is strongly tapered, which makes it easier to cast flies of different sizes. There are small line loops ready at both ends of the shooting head. One end makes it easier to attach the shooting head to the running line, and the other end's line loop is used to attach a cone or Polyleader tip.