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Fishing for pike on the river

Pike fishing can be enjoyed all over Finland. You can easily reach the current water spots and you can fish them from the shore without a boat.

Almost every place in Finland has a river, a stream, a big ditch, a boat channel, a narrow channel or some other area where water flows. The flowing water carries food with it, which the small fish eat, and of course predatory fish can be found behind the small fish. In public water areas, people under 18 can fish without a fishing maintenance fee, but special sites such as migratory fishing routes and planting sites require a special permit from everyone and there may be other restrictions in these places (e.g. conservation areas). Google and ask if you're not sure if your fishing spot needs a special permit.

Where are the easiest streams to find pike? In the video, you will find tips on these to make your future pike fishing trips in streams and rivers easier.

In the fall, when the waters cool down, pike's fishing intervals can be long, but you never know what the only fishing rod of the day will bring, it's always worth fishing! Tight lines!