Welcome to Eumer's online store. Eumer`s products are designed for easier everyday life. Please enjoy!

Eumer's products are designed for easier everyday life

Fishing should be fun! We would like to get more people to enjoy of nature and fresh air. Fishing is one of the finest outdoor activities...at least we think so. Our main target is to get everyone out and enjoy of nature and things that it offers us.

Eumer wasn't founded near the water by accident. Well, it would have been kind of stupid to set up fishing equipment and activity company in the middle of the forest or set up in the center of the big city a company that tries to get everyone to the nature. Location is also important for our product testing. All of our products go through testing phase during designing and water is quite of important element when testin fishing products. So all of our products are designed by Eumer's fishing guides. This testing is mainly done in Merikarvia but also in other places around Finland and abroad, also on every kind of circumstances and water sources. Our customers take also part to testing when they participate to our fishing activities or courses. We also gather all kind of experiences from our customers and try to improve our products  based on customer reviews.